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Location Buffalo, New York
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The 1.25 million sq ft 'Riverbend' project was built for the manufacturing of solar panel equipment. 250,000 sq ft of the plant was designed for the majority of the building system's mechanical equipment.

Quackenbush's portion of the project entailed furnishing and installing equipment and its associated pipe for the HVAC chilled and hot water, compressed air systems.

Our scope of work included eighteen miles of pipe, over 2400 tons of pipe, valves and fittings ranging in size from 48" diameter and down. Over 66,000 joints of all types were successfully made.

Major equipment included seven chillers, with capacity of 14,000 tons, and three boilers with capacity of over 162,000,000 BTU's.

The ambitious construction schedule (340 working days) required us to make ample use of our 40,000 sq ft prefabrication facility literally fabbing and delivering just in time pipe spools.

Our CAD department had to 3D model 'prebuild' the entire mechanical building services, before our shop fabrication started.
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