Quackenbush Co., Inc. General mechanical contractor in Buffalo, New York - power plants, water treatment plants, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, hospitals and schools, pharmaceutical and food processing facilities

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“We do it well, safely, within schedule and budget,
 and we intend to keep doing it that way.”

Quackenbush Co., Inc. was started in 1932 by Seeyle Quackenbush, a 1917 graduate of Cornell's mechanical engineering school.

Despite the Depression Era, Seeyle was confident he would be successful by creating and working with certain core values. These were trusted relationships both internal and external, to include customers, suppliers, subcontractors, bank, bond, and insurance.

He believed customers, regardless of the size of the project, would benefit from a proactive emphasis on communications/coordination and quality. Daily attention paid to project management, safety, efficiency, productivity, craftsmanship all delivered by an experienced team of professionals. Our earliest customers like Bell Aircraft, Wurlitzer, Bethlehem Steel, Curtiss Wright, Corning Glass, etc. appreciated this approach and helped form the foundation of our current valued customer list. John Quackenbush joined the company in 1940. In addition to being a hands-on contractor he was also active in local, regional, and national associations, including being president of the National Mechanical Contractors Association of America in 1981.

David Quackenbush followed in 1970 as the third generation and was also active in local and national MCAA activities, as well as the Western New York construction community.

Adrian Quackenbush, the fourth generation, joined the company in 2011 after a number of years of construction development both in Washington D.C. and Boston, Massachusetts.

Since 1932 we have continued to assemble a proactive experienced team of professionals that have and will continue to assist our customers' needs for years to come.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service.

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